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Helens Canine Rally Instructor course is absolutely fantastic. Helen has laid out the course to be easy to understand and move through.

Helen is supportive every step of the way. No question is too silly and Helen is very approachable with a great sense of humour and very patient too.

Helen is here to help and not judgmental at all, if you struggle with something Helen is more than happy to help or re explain the question or the process of a behaviour.

I myself am physically disabled and this has been no problem to Helen. Helen has been extremely supportive every step of the way and adapted the coursework to help me. I feel this speaks volumes for Helen as a Coach and Teacher.

I'm really enjoying working through the Rally Program with Helen and the behaviours and the course exercises are original and better suited to both the handlers and dogs rather than the traditional style of Rally.

Helen has really worked hard on this course to make it accessible to all and all Dogs of all abilities too which shows throughout the course.

Helens feedback is always positive and kind and not something to dread when you see you have received feedback from Helen.

Absolutely five star Helen. Your an amazing Coach and Instructor and it's a pleasure to work with you.

T. Attwood (Lincs)
Canine Rally Level 1 Instructor


Working with Helen has given me so much confidence in training my dogs. I have learnt so much from her - not just in training, but the reason and logic behind training and/or behaviours. We have tried many different activities with Helen (Rally, Scentwork, Tracking, Hoopers), and I am now working through the Canine Rally Instructors Course, which I am really enjoying. I am so glad to have found Helen!
 Tracy Bull(no relation!), Isle of Wight
Canine Rally Level 1 Instructor


Mrs. T. Bull

Firstly, I would like to say what a really enjoyable course this is , I have loved it from start to finish. Helen is an amazing tutor and always gives good feedback and if you are struggling is always there to help you. I would not hesitate to recommend this Instructor course to anyone who was interested in doing this course. I have been doing the odd competition online for rally and what I have learnt in this course has enabled me to actually start getting placed. My dogs and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the exercises within the course. So, if you are looking at running Rally classes at your training facility this is an amazing opportunity to learn rally and to be able to qualify and teach rally to your clients. 100% recommended by me.

Can't speak highly enough of the course and I will be recommending it to everyone I know .

L. Clark (Lancs)
Canine Rally Level 1 Instructor

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