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Name change!

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Hi everyone!

You'll notice we've changed the name from Canine Rally, to Canine Rally Sport.

We've made the change, because in addition to our exercises, which are spread over 6 Grades, we've added a 'Speciality' Grade 7.

Grade 7 is divided into dog sports, such as 'Gundog', which you'll be able to focus on and be assessed, once you've passed Grade 6. Each sub-divide has it's own criteria of exercises, which are incorporated into the usual course plan found in rally. The exercises are based around the sport. For example in Gundog, you'll find blind retrieves and directing your dog 'left, right, back' etc

If you'd like to find a trainer in your area, please go to our website

If you'd like to become a qualified trainer, click to go to our page , click events and choose between the three in person instructor courses. Self study, with full support, including live chat available too

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