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Autumn Training

We're losing the lighter evenings now, which means outside training can become more difficult if you usually train in an area without lighting. As well as losing the light, the weather can be unpredictable, although currently, September seems to be quite mild.

Hiring indoor venues might be an option, although many community centres, halls etc stopped allowing dogs inside, when COVID19 hit the country and not all have allowed them back in, so there are far less available to rent, than there used to be. So what can you do? Below are a few ideas:

  • Contact the community centres and halls near you first to check if they will let you hire them. If the ones near you say no, then look further afield

  • Find out if your local council will let you hire their tennis courts. Not only are they normally floodlit, but they're usually fully fenced, giving you the ability to close the gate and train securely

  • Ask local trainers, who have their own venues. They might be willing to rent it out to you

  • Research dog fields, which are hired out by the hour. You might find some which have installed well lit areas

  • Public car parks normally have good lighting too

Remember to be safe, wherever you decide to train. Rather than be on your own, try to find someone to take with you or buddy up with another person, who also wants to train their dog

If you can't find a suitable venue, clear some space at home. Most of the exercises in Canine Rally Sport, don't take up much room and those that do, can be broken down into mini exercises

Happy Rallying!

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