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Welcome to the home of
Canine Rally Sport!

Welcome to Canine Rally Sport, the ultimate sport for dog enthusiasts. Join us in the exciting world of Canine Rally Sport, where dogs and their handlers showcase their teamwork, bond, agility, and learned skills. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a beginner, our training offers a thrilling experience for everyone. Get ready to witness the bond between dogs and their handlers as they navigate through beginner courses, building to more challenging ones.
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What is
Canine Rally Sport?

What is Canine Rally Sport?

Canine Rally Sport uses training exercises, which are laid out on a course, for the Team (1 person + 1 dog) to work their way around.
The exercises are made up of training techniques, used in various sports such ​as hoopers, obedience, gundog training and tricks, ie WalkingWell near the handler, going through hoops and tunnels, recall, retrieve and walking through obstacles.

How is Canine Rally Sport different to other forms of Rally?

Canine Rally Sport is in essence, similar to other forms of Rally, but the method of moving through the Grades is unique. We have produced a program, which is class led and not Trial/Show led. In other words, Instructors who have gone through our training courses, teach their students in class or 1-2-1. S​tudent's are assessed at the end of a block of sessions, through our assessment scheme.
Once they pass, they move on to the next Grade and so on.  We have 6 main Grades and Grade 7, which is the specialty grade, split into different dog sports, such as Hoopers, Tricks, Gundog and Obedience 

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